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Hey hey gang!
Just a quick update to let you know whats going down.
Any avid followers may have noticed the lack of... well anything recently.
This is due to moving home and the massive hassle that comes with it.
Hopefuly within the next few months it'll all settle down and i can get back the new vector groove.
Soon peeps
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Ahoy hoy!
Yo gang, hope everyone's doing well and having a great 2010.
I put up a poll a while back to let you guys decide who should be the subject of my next vector. And tho there wasnt really a ton of votes, it seems that Adriana Lima has come out on top. So you'll be seeing her next!
Thanks to all that voted, and like always any ideas or prefrences on anyone or anything you'd like to see vectored up, just ask.
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Hey you guuuyys!
How is everyone? What you all been up to? I went to see Lily Allen last night, got free tickets from @magnersuk on twitter. Well worth following them if you live in england and want free shizzle.
So yeah vectors. Been abit off the game aint I? Soz. Gonna try and get back on board with it, work patterns at work are changing so should have alot of free time on my hands from now on.
nearly at the 20,000 mark! Yeeeeee!!
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Hey hey just want to say thanks to everyone who's fav'd, watched, critiqued and browsed my stuff, I try and thank as many people as i can, but I get snowed under with a fair amount of messages sometimes, that I cant always get back to everyone, so I wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone here, I really do appreciate your kind support!
So how is everyone? Good I hope!
What you all playing? watching? singing along too?
Any vector suggestions?
PeAcE oUT pEeps
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Hey gang, just a quick note to let you guys know how much I love ya and all your supporting fav's and watches! Been near impossible lately for me to get anything done thanks to work (8 days straight without a day off this last week!) but hopefully things will calm down over xmas and i'll manage to get some more stuff up for ya'll very soooooon..... and get back to you guys who've sent me messages.
Anywho stay cool peeps
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Hey everyone. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's fav'd my vectors and watched me over the last few months. I've been so busy working that I havent had the time to thank you all individually. So I'll say it here: Thanks!! hopefully you're reading this if I havent thanked you already Hopefully I should have some more time on my hands to get back into the vector world properly.
Oh and any suggestions for vectors are welcome as usual.
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Hey hey. Been along time since I wrote anything in this. Over a year infact.
So, Hi. How you all doin?
So yeah I should have more time to get some more vectors and other bits and pieces that ive been wanting to do, up here on DA. Also noticed that theres some sorta new film section.... may have to add a lil summin of mine in there too.... as long as i dont have to pay for it obviously.

Update Soon.....

Wed Nov 8, 2006, 2:10 PM
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Aloha Hellhound Avengers

Hey all. It's been a loooong time since I've updated anything, months infact. I'm currently working on a vector that's special to me (you'll see why when I submit it)
I've had a bit of.....artists block? I dunno. I was trying to do bits and pieces but everything just seemed blah. Then one day I started doing a new vector, and Blammo! I was feeling it.
So long story short, I'll be updating my page soon with a new submission, and this one even I like, so I hope you all do too.

Hope your all good.


Hey all. Thought I would subscribe for a month to see what all the fuss is about being a full member. So far, it seems pretty cool. Big thumbnails and shit. As well as 120 per page.
Anyway, University is done for me, for like, ever. So I'll be on here alot more submitting more stuff (probably scantly clad birds knowing me)
If anyone's got any cool ideas of vectors they'd like to see, let me know, coz I'm all outta mad a sit sounds, there's only so many Adriana lima vectors I can do before they start getting samey. The only idea I have had, is I may make a new Super Mario with villains image. A proper Bowser, maybe some Koopa kids? Actually I may just start working on that now...... oh and as usual thanks to everyone who continues to stop by and give kind words, tis very kind.
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Wow it feels only like a few monthes since I got the 4,000 mark. Thanks alot guys for all the nice words and stuff you've sent my way!

On another subject; all Marvel Fans should check out :iconmarvelzombies:
They hold contests and all sorts. Oh and check out the current "battle" I'm in, and vote for your favourite pic here:…
Yep, 4,000 pageviews. So as usual I say thanks to you guys for the constant loving of my crap. Thanks guys!
Wow you guys and dolls, you've given me like over a 1000 pageviews in just 3 months? I feel so happy inside. Thanks peeps. Long may the cult that is Mr-FunnyFace continue to....bloom? Thanks guys!
Ok, so I'm gonna list the pieces I wanna do, cause I always forget them:

1) A Mighty Max piece- coloured and all

2) Work on and colour the Yellow Bastard and Nancy piece

3) Do another SIN CITY piece, complete with characters I aint touched on yet

4) A Ghostbusters vector

5) A Spider-Man villain gallery

So like I dont know the order in which these'll get done, but now at least I wont forget to so them.
Thanks to everyone who's visited over the.... well, however long I've been joined to DA now. And a bigger thanks to those that have put me on there Friends list, and continued to look at my crap and gave me great critiques, and for the inspirations and everything else. So, yeah, thanks!
I think I may faint. Thundercats is coming to DVD!…
I thought I had to pay or something to use this. Well now I've used it.